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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- while you were sleeping-- a car smashed through an orlando home-- with two people inside. we will tell you how police are hoping to identify a suspect. plus this-- marco rubio is making stops in central florida now... hoping to win his home state in the primaries. hear from his speech at last night's sanford rally.... and find out where rubio will be... later today. orlando mayor--
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scott- are set to make a big announcement today. we will tell you about the big event... that could be coming back to central florida. toss to kristin developing this morning-- orlando police are
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person... who stole a car... and then barreled right into a family's living room! it happened just before midnight-- along the 300 block of north lakeland avenue. according to orlando police-- the suspect crashed the silver "mitsubishi eclipse" into the side of the home-- and then ran off. there were two people inside the
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police searched the area-- but they could not find the suspect. code enforcement boarded-up the house-- which is still livable. police say they are looking for forensic evidence -- inside the car-- in order to identify the suspect a crime alert now-- the search for a killer is underway in orange county-- after a man is gunned down in the parramore community. fox 35's holly bristow has the very latest. also in orange
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tpp@`p county.... investigators have identified the man... found dead inside a 0x home in east orange county. | deputies say... 44- year-old daniel medina was found dead inside a home on winding trail friday night. investigators have ruled his death a homicide. the countdown is on --to the florida primary. p senator marco rubio is looking to make-up ground... relying on voters in the sunshine state. rubio's mission continues this morning with a stop in osceola county-- and a rally in sarasota. he started his trip through central florida last night in sanford.
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according to the latest monmouth poll.... among florida
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ballot... rubio is at 48 percent.... that's 25 percentage points ahead of donald trump. plan to vote on election day.... trump still has an 8-point ted cruz is a distant third at 17 percent. and kasich in fourth at 10 percent. looking to sway sunshine state. jupiter, florida for a trump national golf @waaakvvv@gv club. we are scheduled to p( speak to trump live on good day orlando p in a couple of hours. he is set to join us `````w@w live at the top of our 8 o444444444444`p` x`xxxxxxpxxz hillary clinton is xxzxxxxxvvvvv also in florida this
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she is in miami today.... ahead of wednesday night's debate in south on thursday clinton will remain in florida with a tampa. new this morning-- investigators say no charges will be filed-- after a pedestrian is hit and killed in volusia investigators say a man was hit and killed by an s-u-v sunday night at the intersection of north nova road and brentwood drive in daytona beach. "daytona beach news journal"--the driver is being identified as 38-year-old amber hawley. the paper also reports-- she will not be charged... because police say the victim was not using a cross-walk. the victim's name has not been released. also new this morning-- the search is on for a missing orlando man. orange county deputies say 86- year-old mariano sierra was last seen sunday night at his home on jonathan drive. they say he was on his way to pick up his wife at the hospital... but never made it. deputies say he was
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this 20-11 white honda accord.... with the florida tags d- h-q-z-4-5. anyone who sees him-- or his car -- should call the orange county sheriff's office. new details this morning... on a shooting at an orange county restaurant. the sheriff's office just released this video from saturday night... in the parking lot of mister gyros off of colonia. deputies originally thought the suspects were shooting at them. but deputies now believe the people in the truck were exchanging gunfire with another car.. and those shots landed near them. so far no arrests have been made. only on fox.-- cries for help at a florida restaurant... a man is attacked with a knife.... only to have complete strangers come to the rescue. it happened at "baba's orlando restaurant" on orange avenue. about a week ago-- the owner says someone stole meat from the storage ` room. then on sunday.... it happened again. while the restaurant was slammed-- police say the suspect came back-- attempting to break in to the storage room.
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was armed with a knife... and slashed the owner several times. that is when someone outside-- heard cries for help.... and jumped into action. police arrived on scene... and arrested 61-year-old tyrone chenault. he is charged with battery with a deadly weapon .. and burglary. happening today-- the anticipation is building -- as a major announcement is expected today in orange county. governor rick scott... orlando mayor buddy dyer... and orange county mayor teresa jacobs will all be at the citrus bowl today to make a major announcement! they are expected to speak this morning at 11 a-m. our news partners at the orlando sentinel are reporting the announcement will be that orlando is the host city for wrestlemania 33. the event is scheduled for april xx 2nd of next year. orlando last hosted
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coming up-- a major company is recalling hunddreds of thousands of pounds... of chicken nuggets. we will tell you what to look out for in your kitchen. plus this-- it is a story generating a lot of buzz this morning. we are hearing from the boy who barely avoided a "ringer" to p`p @o_ppppoo? `xxxx the head... thanks to his dad's quick xxppppp||| thinking... next. pv{^ndv
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caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. caress love forever. now-- "perdue foods" is recalling more than 45-hundred pounds of chicken nuggets-- made for "applegate farms." the packages might have plastic in them. some products were shipped to florida. the packages have about 18 nuggets-- with the "best before date" of
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developing, at this hour-- a hotel company is deciding whether to appeal the erin yesterday-- a jury awarded the t-v host 55-million dollars in her suit over a secretly recorded a convicted stalker took the video from a hotel room next to hers, in nashville, and posted it online. the jury decided that man-- michael barrett-- should pay 28 million dollars -- although it is highly afford it. the hotel has to pay 27 million. 14 people are hurt after a commuter train derails in california. one car is sitting in a creek. the train went off the rails overnight, in the bay area. it was going from silicon valley to stockton. four victims are seriously hurt. everyone is expected to survive. investigators are looking into the cause. the white house says first lady e obama will attend the funeral for former first lady-- nancy reagan. reagan died sunday at the age of 94. her funeral is set
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"ronald reagan presidential library" in california. tomorrow and thursday-- her body will lie in repose for the public to pay their respects. president barack obama has ordered flags flown at half-staff. caught on camera-- it is the dramatic picture that is going viral online. a dad makes a split- @ second decision during a spring training game-- saving his son from a bat flying through the air. yx`00` that dad also p@ happens to be a marion county firefighter. the cunninghams were at a game over the weeekend between the atlanta braves and the pittsburg pirates. that's when one of the players lost grip of his bat... sending it flying into p`p the crowd. when shaun ? `xxxxxxppppp cunningham noticed it coming straigh for his son... he |||pv{^ndv didn't hesitate to try and stop it. 8 @;@;? xx the cunninghams q*t the game to celebrate their son xxxxxppppppp`p landon's 8th birthday.
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of good day ? `xxxx orlando-- the family will join us in tell us more about this wild xxppppp|||pv moment! {^ndv 8 coming up-- governor scott has signed off on new 80 hhxg?@xo`||| "death penalty" rules... for florida. find out how it will affect the people-- already on "death row." plus-- a tennis super-star makes a shocking announcement. we will tell you why she says-- she was taking a banned
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international airport is adding some new destinations to its itinerary! today-- airport officials are expected to announce the locations. a new airline campaign. comes as the airport makes plans for a it is scheduled to be completed by 20-20. orange county teachers plan to speak up at today's school board meeting. this story kicks off our morning rush. they are talking about why the "highly effective" teachers dropped by more than 77-
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the school board has directed superintendent barbara jenkins to explain the decrease. today-- the "florida education association" secretary- treasurer will join what they think is behind the drop. daytona beach police say they are looking for the person who stole an s-u-v, with a 12-year- old girl inside. home on white avenue, yesterday. investigators say the girl's mother inside to get another girl to take them to school. hhhhhhh when she came back, || the thief abandoned the s-u-v a flew blocks away. the girl is safe.
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changing florida's death penalty. fox 35's mike synan is in the newsroom with the details. turning to sports-- the magic flying out west to take on the
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defending champion golden state warriors. the warriors - trying to break the n-b-a record for consecutive home wins. the warriors getting off to a hot start, outscoring orlando by 13 points in the first half. hhxzn ____ ________o_ but the magic were hanging in there. @/@?p?@_@_@xypypypipyxyxyb ` p& 4dt6d #+ dxps`wowg| they closed the gap in the third, and f`````t outscored the warriors in the | fourth. but golden state hangs on, to win 119 to 113. the warriors win their 45th straight home game. orlando plays at the lakers tonight @p`0t@ 9sv``
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tennessee, where he played in college, to indiana where he started his pro career, and in denver, where he led the broncos to a super bowl victory. we are waiting to learn the punishment for tennis superstar, maria sharapova, after she admitted she failed a drug test. the bradenton resident tested positive for meldonium. she has been taking it for 10 years for various health issues. but on january 1st, it became a banned substance, and she was caught using it. next, the international tennis foundation will hold hearings to decide her punishment. luanne? coming up-- an all- night rescue... after a fishing boat sinks on the open water. we will tell you how the people on- board managed to stay afloat. plus-- dramatic dash-cam video... as a garbage truck topples over an i-95 overpass. how the driver is doing this morning...
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welcome back-- lake county is home
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the "great escape lakeside", in groveland... just earned the record for world's largest word search puzzle! the puzzle covers an 11-foot wide wall... and it has more than 62- thousand letters
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hidden words. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. first-- a manatee county dog --that was almost "put down," and later saved... after biting a child at his owner's vet office... is in trouble . "padi" the dog is now being accused of biting a puppy. he was in trouble for biting a little boy last year-- after his owner says, the child was harassing "padi." in this recent case--
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biting a 4-month-old puppy on the nose. the little "golden retriever" is in training to be a service dog... but his owner says-- he could now have "fear issues." adding-- "padi" should not be put down... but something needs to be done. we are getting a up-close look... of a miami garabge truck that plunged over an overpass on i-95! florida highway patrol released this yesterday... it was recorded by a camera inside the truck's cabin. last month-- troopers say the driver lost control, hit a guardrail... and then fell nearly 1- hundred feet onto a children's park. the driver was taken to the hospital-- but has since been released. fortunately, no one else was injured. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. two boaters save themselves-- from their sinking ship-- just in the nick of time! the men were about 50 miles north of "boca grande" on gasparilla island
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boat started taking on water. the men used their radio and called for help... and got on the life raft-- right as the vessel started going down. together-- with flares and a strobe light-- the coast guard reached them early yesterday morning. neither of the boaters were injured. coming up at 5-- police are investigating after a car-- crashed into a house overnight. fox 35's jackie orozco will be live-- with the latest on the search for the
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